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Black belt promotion for Jerrod Wilson at Oxnard Buddhist Temple, October 12, 2007


Neil Ohlenkamp, shichidan, and Ludovic Hilde, sandan, teach Judo at the Oxnard Buddhist Temple (in Ventura County) on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

This photo from the Ventura County Star shows the littlest student throwing the biggest student with a seoi nage shoulder throw during a Judo demonstration at the July 2006 Oxnard Buddhist Temple Obon Festival.

seoi nage at Obon Festival

This photo shows a big ura nage throw onto a crash pad during a demonstration at the 2004 Oxnard Buddhist Temple Obon Festival.

ura nage

Judo class at Oxnard Buddhist Temple on May 10, 2005.
Encino Judo Club class on May 10, 2005

Goodwill Practice with Japanese Self Defense Forces June 30, 2005.
June 2005 Goodwill Practice with Japanese Self Defense Forces

January 2003 class at Oxnard Buddhist Temple
January 2003 class with new Dax tatami from Hatashita Enterprises

The photos below were taken at the first class in Oxnard in January 1998. Professor George Hamm, 8th dan, Bill Gaffney and Clyde Tichenor, 4th dans, Ben Holmes, 3rd dan, and Eileen Hagen, 3rd dan, are assisting with the classes.
Oxnard Judo Class -- 1/98 kesa gatame morote seoinage Neil Ohlenkamp coaching a new student Oxnard Judo Class -- 1/98 Ben Holmes practicing with Jerrod Wilson


The Encino Judo Club hosted its 25th Annual Holiday Invitational Shiai in Reseda in December 1997. The Los Angeles Times sent a photographer and published these photos. This was the only Judo event covered by the Times in 1997.

Here are photos from the 29th Annual Tournament held on December 1, 2001 in Reseda CA.

12/1/01 Shiai
12/1/01 Shiai

Camarillo (classes no longer held at this location)

Instructor Alain Wilkinson and student Daniel Kodama after winning a trophy in Dec 2002Classes were held for 20 years at the Camarillo Community Center where the instructors were Neil Ohlenkamp (6 dan) and Alain Wilkinson (4 dan shown in the photo to the right). Below are older photos from Judo classes in March 1997. Other instructors shown below include Bill Nauta (rokudan), Bill Gaffney (yondan), Clyde Tichenor (yondan), Eileen Hagen (sandan), and Herb Zinman (nidan).
Rhett Smith (9) throwing Neil Ohlenkamp with morote seoinage Neil Ohlenkamp helping Rhett Smith (9) and Jesse Darling (7) uchi mata sasae tsuri komi ashi tomoenage ude hishigi hara gatame ude hishigi waki gatame ude hishigi te gatame ude hishigi juji gatame Neil Ohlenkamp throwing Bill Gaffney Eileen Hagen teaching sukuinage sumigaeshi ude garami The class

Other Encino Judo Club Classes

This photo shows some of the instructors at an Encino Judo Club clinic including (from left to right) Harold Sharp (now 9 dan), "Judo" Gene Lebell (now 9 dan), Phil Porter (9 dan), Toney Raven (7 dan), Bill Nauta (6 dan), and Neil Ohlenkamp (now 7 dan).

Camarillo Community Center--3/13/97 Camarillo Community Center--3/13/97 Reseda Recreation Center--3/12/97

National Training Camp for Elite Visually Impaired Athletes Hosted by the Encino Judo Club at the Braille Institute Youth Center

uchimata seoinage Braille Youth Center

To me, Judo is like ballet,
except there's no music,
no choreography,
and the dancers knock each other down.

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