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About the Encino Judo Club

The Encino Judo Club was founded 45 years ago dedicated to promoting judo and jujutsu. We have taught thousands of students at dozens of locations throughout Southern California. Self-defense and Judo programs have been carefully designed for all interests. Expert instructors combine martial arts techniques with modern teaching methods to ensure a fun and safe learning environment.

Our members have included national and world champions, world-class coaches, and international referees. We regularly host Judo tournaments, self defense seminars, special clinics, demonstrations and certification courses offering a full range of opportunities for both beginners and advanced. The Encino Judo Club is a member club of USJA, USJF, and Nanka Yudanshakai. We also have been very involved in a program for the visually impaired in cooperation with the Braille Institute of America and the US Association of Blind Athletes.

See photos of our classes, or learn more about Judo at the Judo Information Site created by Neil Ohlenkamp. To order Judo t-shirts and gifts please see the Encino Judo Club products.

Our Expert Instructors

Neil Ohlenkamp being thrown skillfully by Rhett Smith, 10
Instructor Neil Ohlenkamp being thrown skillfully by Rhett Smith, 10
  • Neil Ohlenkamp -- Head Instructor of the Encino Judo Club
  • Jurgen Wahl -- Founder of the Encino Judo Club
  • Alain Wilkinson, Ludovic Hilde, Gene Demachi, Helmut Nestler, Mark Herrschaft -- Instructors at Oxnard Buddhist Temple
  • Other black belt members of the Encino Judo Club assist in coaching, refereeing, and special events
  • Guest instructors visit frequently and are always welcome

Class Schedule

Personalized instruction from Eileen Hagen, 2nd degree black belt.
Personalized instruction from instructor Eileen Hagen

Please check our online calendar for any class cancellations (for example holidays). You may call the phone number shown below, or send an email to the head instructor for more information. We proudly serve Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Ojai, Port Hueneme and all of Ventura County.

Oxnard Buddhist Temple at 250 South H Street (the corner of H and 2nd) in Oxnard, California. Instructor phone number: (805) 259-6699. Classes are held on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:00pm, and Fridays from 7 to 8:30pm. Club dues are $30/month. Beginners are welcome to join or try it out at any time.

Other Events of the Encino Judo Club

Here are a few of the special judo events conducted by the Encino Judo Club, starting with some photos from our weekend practice on the beach -- okuriashi harai, yoko tomoenage, seoinage. The Encino Judo Club regularly hosts special clinics such as the Weekend of French Judo,  guest instructor Jin Iizumi, a newaza clinic with Harold Sharp and Toshikazo Okada, and a clinic with former World Champion AnnMaria DeMars where she showed techniques like her favorite armlock followed by a club tournament. Here is a report of a USJA Grassroots Clinic conducted by Neil Ohlenkamp.

We now offer official Encino Judo Club t-shirts, sweatshirts and other merchandise.  We post more current activities on our Facebook page.

Here is a photo from a recent practice on the beach (spring 2017).

Some of the black belt instructors and guests present for a special clinic at the judo class in Oxnard.

Here is a photo from the Ventura County Star showing the Judo demonstration at the Oxnard Buddhist Temple Obon Festival. The photo below shows a big ura nage throw during the demonstration.

ura nage

Judo class at Oxnard Buddhist Temple on May 10, 2005.
Encino Judo Club class on May 10, 2005

Goodwill Practice with Japanese Self Defense Forces.
June 2005 Goodwill Practice with Japanese Self Defense Forces

The Encino Judo Club has a long history of drawing on experts to provide advanced instruction. This photo (below) shows some of the instructors at an Encino Judo Club clinic about 30 years ago including (from left to right) Harold Sharp (now 9th dan), "Judo" Gene Lebell (now 9th dan), Phil Porter (9th dan), and three instructors from the Encino Judo Club -- Toney Raven, Bill Nauta, and Neil Ohlenkamp.

Encino Judo Club

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